The Riverdale Press: Primary might be over, but absentee vote issues are just beginning

“I’d spoken to literally hundreds of seniors, and after mental health and food concerns, their No. 1 concern really was their ability to vote,' Dinowitz said. 'Some seniors had applied for an absentee ballot, and waited weeks and weeks and weeks, and were asking me when it’s going to come. I didn’t know. I ended up checking on it for a number of people... I said, let’s start this process in July so that the board has time to process it, people can get their ballots in right away, and then the board also has the staff to support this.”

Dinowitz also wanted to see the city put together an online tracker to allow voters to follow their application and absentee ballot all the way up to the minute it’s counted. He didn’t provide any details on how such a project would come together, or where funding would come from.,72133